Reduce costes fijos en tu negocio

empleado reduce los costes fijos de su empresa
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Una de las mejores formas de mantener la salud de un negocio es reducir los costes fijos que acompañan la rutina de pagos de cualquier comercio. En otras ocasiones os hemos hablado del alquiler, como ahorrar dinero en proveedores y servicios, pero hoy vamos a centrarnos en cómo reducir costes en un negocio gracias a Cashlogy.

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Cashlogy App, an application that allows the cash of a business to be controlled from a mobile phone

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The application provides the owner of an establishment with real-time information on the cash and status of their machine through their mobile device, saving time in their daily activities.

The launch of this new APP is linked to the #Cashlogywithyou campaign to reach out to and support owners and employees who are restarting their businesses once again.

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#CashlogyContigo: When planning ahead it’s a little more difficult, but we want to be there to help you.

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Cashlogy, the automated cash control system, allows you to manage your business more efficiently and to improve hygiene in your establishment:

  • It protects employees and customers by providing automatic cash management: with no mistakes in the change and with automatic till balancing.
  • Get peace of mind by giving access to cash to those you choose.