Protect your customers and employees with automatic payment systems

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In a world where social distancing has become a basic rule, reducing human contact has led to a series of changes that have turned all businesses upside down. The use of cash has plummeted and the usefulness of automatic payment methods such as Cashlogy is demonstrated.

An automatic payment machine avoids contact between people -customers and employees do not touch one another’s cash. Queues are reduced, purchases are made more smoothly and workers who are normally at the checkout can concentrate on handing out gloves and masks or organising other aspects of the business.


Some of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) are to continuously disinfect items such as shopping trolleys, ensure that customers keep a minimum safe distance in the queue, avoid congestion, limit the sale of goods linked to speculation and a number of other measures that imply a greater workload for those working in a business.


Using an automatic payment system frees up the cashier’s workload and allows them to take on the rest of the tasks without affecting the normal staff levels. And, once the health crisis is over, this type of system will allow us to continue to speed up product payment and provide our customers with a more positive shopping experience.


Another important feature of Cashlogy is that it detects counterfeit bills and returns change automatically, thus adding extra features and preventing losses due to fraud or human error.