The smart cash handling solution

Freeing you up for what really matters

A solution designed for your future

Exquisite technology

Cashlogy is the perfect automated cash control solution for establishments looking to professionalise their business and offer their customers a modern, simple payment experience.

A solution that gives you peace of mind, minimising internal theft and saving you time on cash register tallying and day-to-day business.

Reliability, design and usability, available to any business

Máquina automátizada para el control de efectivo

Una solución pensada para tu futuro.

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Máquina Cashlogy

Cashlogy by Azkoyen values your business and develops solutions to give you freedom. Freedom that keeps your worries away, freedom to spend your time doing what really matters.

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Freedom from: Offering you:
Peace in mind
Manual tasks


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True to our essence

Core technology
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A smart solution with the future of your business in mind, keeping your worries away and freeing you up to do what really matters.

Experts in solving challenges
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A reliable machine that enhances the point-of-sale payment experience, making sure your customers always get the right change and giving your employees more time to provide quality service.

Focus on simplicity
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Cashlogy is a solution designed to improve usability for both customers and staff. Thanks to its illuminated guide, icons and display - the payment process is intuitive and simple. Moreover, its interior modularity makes it easy for the employee to gain technical access for maintenance and cleaning tasks. A solution that makes life easier, bringing trust and peace of mind and saving you time on handling cash at your business.

Beautifully designed
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A compact, robust and modern solution that can be easily integrated into your business thanks to its various configurations and customisation possibilities

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