A reliable smart technology solution that gives you peace of mind by minimising internal theft which also saves you time by eliminating time-consuming cash balancing.

Cashlogy is the perfect solution for those establishments that want to professionalise their business and offer their customers a modern and simple payment experience.

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Why Cashlogy

Cash has always been people’s favourite payment method, and it still is today. However, cash management is insecure. Cashlogy is the new point-of -sale cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes and simplifies handling.

  • Boost your sales with more efficient customer service

  • Reduce costs and minimise shortfalls

  • Flexible and easy to use

Cashlogy App

What can you do with the cashlogy app?

See your device's transactions and notifications from anywhere using the Cashlogy app.

  • Have real time information on your cash and machine status.
  • Get information and statistics on the till opening and closing balances.
  • Receive notifications and machine incidents.
  • Have different roles for information access.
  • Make time for yourself!
  • Service included in your Cashlogy

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Technical info

Hardware and connectivity

The most compact solution on the market

Thanks to its horizontal design, Cashlogy reduces the visual impact on your shop counter, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for customers.

Modular construction for easy maintenance and access to key parts

- Folding note recycling module.
- Removable coin recycling module.


2 access levels: cash collection and maintenance. Additional key for the note stacker.


USB / RS232.


110-240v AC 50-60Hz.

Fácil integración con tu software de comercio

- Cashlogy ticket for all POS software. (Windows)
-Cashlogy ticket No integration is compatible with all POS systems. (Windows) (software house collaboration is not needed)

Coin recycling

Coin denomination

Euro. Information for other denominations on request.


Bulk acceptance of up to 80 coins of mixed denomination.


From 1 cent to 2 euros.


2 €: 120 units.
1 €: 150 units.
0,50 €: 135 units.
0,20 €: 190 units.
0,10 €: 245 units.
0,05 €: 245 units.
0,02 €: 310 units.
0,01 €: 390 units.

Validation speed

3.5 coins per second.

Return speed

Up to 30 coins per second.

Note recycling




From 5 to 500 euros.


3 recycling units, each for 47 banknotes. Non-recycling unit for up to 500 banknotes from 5€ to 500€ (collection only).

Validation speed

1 banknote per second.

Return speed

1 banknote per second.

Type of configurations


For environments where you want Cashlogy to be used by an employee.


Ideal for environments where food is handled.

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