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With Cashlogy you can make savings with your account at the end of the month and reduce your cash management time to do other things.

In this section, you can learn about our product’s benefits: features, maintenance mode, POS terminal compatibility, installation, etc. It is our desire that Cashlogy helps you.

Cashlogy is cash technology specifically designed for points of sale. Automate all cash management processes, collections, and payments that use banknotes and coins. Enjoy end-of-day cash reconciliation that is quick, easy and errorless.
Avoids having to count cash when making collections and returns to customers and without discrepancies. Reduces collection times and improves customer attention, so you can dedicate more time to them while Cashlogy manages it for you. In essence, Cashlogy improves the management side of your business for you.
The machine stores the money and only the people you want can have access to it. Cashlogy has 2 levels of access: -For employees performing the easier maintenance tasks. -For collection, which only gives the person in charge access. There is a second key to ensuring greater control and security. In this manner, Cashlogy minimizes the risk of theft and losses due to its different levels of personalized access.
With Cashlogy you can provide a safer and more relaxed work environment, your employees will not be stressed while trying to avoid mistakes being made when handling cash transactions with customers. Your customers will be satisfied and at ease because with Cashlogy, they will always get the correct change.
This means that you don’t have to worry about stock management and avoid not having enough change or too many banknotes or coins, since the smart till optimizes the best cash stock management. This way your customers will not, without change!
Cashlogy can help you avoid contact with cash since it has various types of installation for customers and you don’t have to touch money with your hands. Hygiene is essential for any business and your customers will appreciate it.
It is very quick, easy and intuitive. Also, we do the integration for your software and provide full training. Contact us with whatever query you may at
We have ensured the integration and certification for most of the software providers. For any questions, contact us at