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In this section you will find the answer to frequently asked questions about our product: features, maintenance, compatibility with POS terminals, installation, etc. Cashlogy hopes this information is helpful.

Cashlogy is cash management technology especially designed for the Point of sale, which automates all the processes of the management of the cash without allowing access to non authorized personnel. It ensures the correct Till Balance and optimizes the Process of Collection and Preparation of the Till Float at the end of the day.
Integrating it into the POS is possible, and also simple. Cashlogy is a device that depends on the software of its POS, for that reason if software is not yet integrated with Cashlogy, it will ask for the type of software used so as to make the integration.
Yes, of course, Cashlogy accepts legal coins and notes and rejects any known counterfeits. This device has been tested under the framework established by the European Commission with respect to fraud.
Yes, coins and notes for the till preparation are loaded in bulk and mixing different values. This way allows you to prepare it very quickly, without the need to separate and count all the different values of notes and coins.
Cashlogy has alarms for low number of coins and notifications to reload to guarantee the correct till float and therefore avoid interruptions in the service.