ECB: Euro banknotes do not pose a risk of contagion

Los billetes de euro no suponen un riesgo de contagio
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While we work to gradually restore normality, it is not a bad thing to remind ourselves of certain news items that affect all businesses and society in general. The European Central Bank has announced that Euro banknotes do not increase the risk of contagion from Covid-19, a statement needed in order to dispel hoaxes and fake news.

The ECB stated that leading European laboratories have analyzed the surface of Euro banknotes and have determined that the coronavirus survives much better on steel surfaces (such as door handles) than on cotton fibre surfaces, from which our banknotes are made.


So if you want to prevent possible contagion it is much more important that you clean the door handles on all doors, that you wear gloves when shopping and that you do not touch doors, elevator buttons, and other metal surfaces with your bare hands.


These tests have shown that it is very difficult for the coronavirus to be transmitted from porous surfaces such as banknotes, but that it can be transmitted quite easily from smooth surfaces such as plastic.


In addition to this data, they also reported that in March the number of banknotes in circulation reached an all-time high of 19 billion euros.


If you need to shop, you already know that you can use cash without any risk, as you have been doing up until now. We all need to watch out for fake news that is shared through social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook.