5 advantages of running a business from home

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Teleworking has become one of the buzzwords in recent weeks. All the mass media talks about its possibilities and its advantages, about the ability we have to manage a business from home, taking advantage of the latest technologies and thus avoiding the obstacles we are currently facing.

The work rules change in the current situation and here we give you the 5 reasons why we like to work from home:


  1. Flexibility: Running a company requires a lot of discipline, whether with our employees or with customers, in an office we have little room for maneuver. Working from home increases flexibility because face-to-face meetings are transformed into phone calls, timetables are extended and geographical boundaries disappear.


  1. Productivity: One of the greatest advantages of running a business from home is that by spending less time on travel and meetings, productivity increases. Our home is our comfort zone and it has been proven that people who are relaxed perform better during their workday.


  1. Rest and health: Another direct consequence of working from home is that you have more time to sleep and get better rest. You no longer have to get up in a hurry or spend hours on the subway or in traffic jams and, on top of that, by eating at home you can better control your diet and eat healthier.


  1. Family-work balance: As for family life, running a business from home allows us to control all aspects of our family life more effectively. We can enjoy everyday life with our children and have more free time to spend with the people we love the most.


  1. Financial savings: Working from home means you don’t have to spend money on public transport or on petrol, you don’t have to pay out at cafes and restaurants and you don’t need lots of dress clothes either. Have you ever calculated how much you pay each year for transport?


Are you working from home at the moment, or are you taking advantage of an impromptu break until the quarantine is over?