Cashlogy Safe

It is the automated cash control solution for retailers who need greater security at the point of sale.

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Why Cashlogy POSafe?

Cashlogy Safe is an automated cash control solution that provides peace of mind to owners, minimising insider theft and coin and note fraud, while reducing cash management time by ensuring faster, error-free cash balancing. It also includes a safe that allows you to store your money securely, thereby reducing the number of trips to the bank.

  • +Peace of mind:
    minimises insider theft and coin and note fraud

  • +Time:
    Faster, error-free cash balancing and less need to always be present at your business

  • +Security:
    Stores banknotes in a UL291 type safe for less frequent cashing-up and optimised visits to the bank.


Click on the video to find out why Cashlogy Safe is the perfect solution for those retailers who need more security at the point of sale.

Cashlogy Safe offers the same benefits as the Cashlogy POS 1500 model, more peace of mind and more time, but in addition to that it provides an extra level of security by incorporating a UL291-type safe, the standard used in ATMs in the USA.

App Cashlogy

What can you do with the Cashlogy app?

You will be able to control your business cash, process it and export the data.

  • Have real-time information on the status of your machine.
  • Obtain information and statistics on cash opening and closing balances.
  • Receive notifications and incidents from the machines.
  • Have different roles for accessing information and traceability by user.
  • Save time.
  • Service included in your Cashlogy.

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Technical description

Recycled area

Standard security

Recycled Notes Coins
Acceptance Single 80 coins
Validation All All
Capacity Recyclers up to 3x50 banknotes
Stacker up to 500 banknotes
1,785 coins
Validation speed 1 banknote/sec. 3.5 coins/sec.
Coin and note return speed 1 banknote/sec. Up to 30 coins/sec.

Security deposit(It is obligatory to fix Cashlogy Safe to the floor)

Safe deposit box

Storage UL-type safe (12 mm thick)
Capacity 5,000 banknotes in a canvas bag
Safe opening Software-controlled (Cashlogy Connector)
Safe closure Electronic security lock
Free spaces 2 free spaces for owner's use including a lockable drawer

Two different POSafe models

Cashlogy Safe E-Pay

The employee is the one who makes the payment.

Cashlogy Safe C-Pay

The consumer is the one who makes the payment.

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