What steps can you take to improve the security of your business?

Once you’ve managed to start up your business and it begins to become established, your main concerns are generally about reducing all those risks associated with theft or robbery in your establishment or workplace.

These kinds of criminal practices not only make you lose sleep over the loss it may cause to your pocket but also makes you worry about the damage it could cause to your customers and to all the people who work on a daily basis in your business.

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Why is it important to reduce the waiting time for our customers?

Even though when clients enter your premises they are usually aware of the possibility of having to wait until it is their turn, it is nonetheless essential to consider managing the waiting time for your customers as a strategic element of great importance to your business.

Customer waiting time is one of the elements that most influences a customer’s shopping experience to the point that it can ruin all your efforts to supply a product or service of outstanding quality as well as procedures for correct customer care, appropriate to your clientèle.

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Welcome to the secure business with Cashlogy

Although there has been spectacular growth in recent years of electronic payments, there are still a large number of businesses, like yours, that have to manage large amounts of cash every day.

While this payment method offers greater liquidity, working with cash means you take a number of risks in the running of your business, which can be summarised as follows:

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