Why is it important to reduce the waiting time for our customers?

Pourquoi est-il si important de réduire le temps d’attente de vos clients ?
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Even though when clients enter your premises they are usually aware of the possibility of having to wait until it is their turn, it is nonetheless essential to consider managing the waiting time for your customers as a strategic element of great importance to your business.

Customer waiting time is one of the elements that most influences a customer’s shopping experience to the point that it can ruin all your efforts to supply a product or service of outstanding quality as well as procedures for correct customer care, appropriate to your clientèle.

You, therefore, need to become aware of the risks associated with the inefficient management of waiting times. The extent to which a customer starts to think that they are wasting their time dramatically decreases the perceived value of your purchase, at every level, making the success of those other loyalty measures you are implementing impossible.

To reduce this risk, you can implement some of the measures proposed below:

  • Use historical sales data from previous years to plan in advance your staffing needs at different times of the year.
  • Design an atmosphere in the establishment to make the wait more bearable, avoiding stressors and promoting the presence of alternatives that entertain customers.
  • Incorporate systems for managing queues that help the customer, such as establishing a single queue or implementing systems for managing queues.
  • Organise the number of tills according to the influx of customers at all times, adapting the payment points to the specific needs of your business throughout the day.

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