The future of automated point-of-sales. This is your chance!

Our distributors have always played a key role in the company´s history. Their relationships with our customers are an essential contribution to the brand.

Your business can also be a part of a prestigious group with a successful track record and experience in the sector.

We are looking for distributors to expand Cashlogy to new territories.


8 Companies in 6 EU countries
32 Delegations
80 Countries where we are present
6 Production plants in the UE
883 Employees
135 M€ turnover

Who are we looking for?

Dynamic and innovative retail and hostelry companies, willing to offer the best management technology to their clients.

With Cashlogy, businesses can increase their profit margins while standing above the competition.

What do we offer?

Cashlogy allows your customers to enhance their cash management process while making a return on the investment in less than a year.

The benefits:

  • Represent a prestigious brand with 70 years on the market.
  • Training and technical support direct from the factory.
  • Sales Support.

Do you want to find out more about being a partner?

We have already achieved the recognition of thousands of customers worldwide.

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Why Cashlogy?

POS 1500?

1 Minute

is all it takes to learn how to use Cashlogy

3 Minutes

a day is the average time spent opening and closing the till with Cashlogy, instead of the 20 min of manual work. That adds up to 8 working days a year.*

We present you the revolution in payment methods

Cashlogy POS1000 is a smart collection system designed for cash management to assist retail and small businesses overcome their daily challenges:

  • Customer service improvements
  • Increased income
  • Greater efficiency of your points of sale
  • Improved security
  • Capacity for 1785 coins and 650 notes
  • Opening for security roles
  • Mass coin insertion
  • Integration with ERP’s
  • Dispenses 3.5 coins per second and 1 bill per second
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dispenses 30 coins and 1 note per second
  • Ergonomic design

Our partners’ opinion

Are you interested in becoming a Cashlogy partner?

Leave us your personal information and we will send you a detailed dossier with the understanding and agreement of objectives and action plan of the partner and Azkoyen as well as everything you need to know to distribute our products.