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Thanks to Cashlogy I have managed to avoid the till not balancing and wasted time. Now my accounts are always correct. Also, my money is safer and I avoid any money going astray.Its a huge relief!"


Cashlogy allows you to have more flexibility in shifts.

Unknown cash losses generate huge costs for every small business owner. The use of Cashlogy avoids losses arising from internal theft, miscalculations or payment with fraudulent coins or notes. Cashlogy guarantees you peace of mind, detecting both counterfeit notes and coins and it minimises the money that goes astray.

Cashlogy turns your establishment into a secure environment and increases your profits from the first day that your till balances.

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Allows your employees to spend more time serving customers.

Makes shift rotation more flexible by allowing all your staff to accept the payments.

Ensures your customers receive the exact change.

And, lastly but no less important, you can spend time away from your business with peace of mind. Cashlogy keeps working for you.

Small Business

Cashlogy helps you to always balance your accounts

Small Business

Food Store

Cashlogy improves the hygiene image of your business

Food Store

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